Osama bin Laden in London

As some Americans may know, Abu Hamza is on trial in New York.

Abu Hamza — or, to give his real name, Mustafa Kamel Mustafa — was once an imam at Finsbury Park mosque, London. He used that mosque (as many Muslims did) as a “base of operations for the global export of violence and terror.”

Last week, Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward Kim said that Abu Hamza’s London mosque at that time (the mid-1990s) was “brimming with hundreds of men whom Abu Hamza sought to deploy for his own violent purposes”. Far more relevantly — and this is something Islamophiles and Leftists simply don’t get — Abu Hamza was theologically correct when, to use Edward Kim’s words, he demanded that “all able-bodied Muslims… wage war against non-Muslims”. Moreover, Hamza correctly believed — and still believes — that Muslims have “a duty to kill”. In fact he freely admitted (without a taint oftaqiyya) that Islamic jihad is indeed “violent”, “global” and “mandatory” (i.e., for all fit, adult Muslim males). 

Now those aren’t the words of Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller: they’re the words of the Assistant U.S. Attorney.