Iran plans to target decoy US carrier in drills

The USS Nimitz is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that includes four destroyers and a cruiser

TEHRAN, Iran — An Iranian newspaper reported that the country’s military plans to target a mock-up American aircraft carrier during upcoming war games.

The Sunday report by independent Haft-e Sobh daily quoted Adm. Ali Fadavi, navy chief of the powerful Revolutionary Guards as saying Iranian forces should “target the carrier in the trainings, after it is completed.”

Adm. Fadavi said, “We should learn about weaknesses and strengths of our enemy.”

This was the first reaction by Iranian officials to a March report that said Iran is building a simple replica of the USS Nimitz in a shipyard in the southern port of Bandar Abbas. Iranian officials did not comment then but state TV said it would be used in a movie…

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Used in a movie!  Still, they might film the drills, so they could say they are not liars.  Or takiyya artists, as their religion quaintly describes the justification for lying.

Say, they could be using the same reasoning to lie about their nuclear program.  Nah, I am just a cynic.