UK: NHS recruiting 50 doctors from India over Skype to plug desperate A&E shortages

The NHS is recruiting 50 doctors directly from India in a bid to fill desperate staffing gaps in Britain’s A&E departments.

Around 150 candidates, some of whom have not yet taken final exams in emergency medicine, will be interviewed in New Delhi over Skype next week and begin a four-year spell in Britain this summer.

Health bosses insist the drastic measure, which will cost the NHS £3,120 per doctor in flights, visas, registration and access to training tools, is the only way to keep emergency wards safely staffed.

Some A&E training courses in Britain have been more than half empty with 135 vacancies across the board this year.

One campaigner criticised the fact not all candidates will have to complete the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test – designed to check they have the right skills and knowledge to work in Britain…

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Don’t they have to pass any exam in medicine to practise in the UK?  I am pretty sure this is still a requirement in Canada.

This is an argument, if I ever saw one, that population of the UK is growing TOO FAST.  And it is not attracting enough HIGH FLYERS (as David Cameron calls them), or they would be attracting doctors too.