Obama visits Malaysia’s National Mosque

President Obama receives a tour from the Grand Imam (left) and Abdul Rashid Bin Md Isa (right) during his visit to the National Mosque of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday morning

KUALA LUMPUR – In the first visit by American President to Malaysia in the past 50 years, US President Barack Obama visited the National Mosque, deemed one of Malaysia’s iconic monuments, in what was regarded as a new outreach to the Muslim world.

“There can be no better way for Obama to honour Islam than by visiting Masjid Negara,” Tan Sri Dr Abdullah Md Zin, religious adviser to the prime minister, was quoted by The Star on Sunday, April 27.

“It will be interesting to know what he has to say about the mosque and Islam,” he added.

The visit was made on Sunday morning when President Obama visited the National Mosque, known as Masjid Negara.

The visit was welcomed by religious leaders in the Muslim majority south Asian country.

Johor Islamic Council adviser Datuk Nooh Gadut asserted that although Obama was not compelled to visit the mosque, his choice to do so meant a lot to Muslims in Malaysia and around the world…