Ghetto Notes

April 27, 2014 is Holocaust Remembrance Day, the anniversary (according to the Hebrew Calendar) of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. My father, Yehuda Elberg, was part of that struggle. I present these notes of his in memory of my grandparents, siblings, cousins, uncles and aunts whose lives were destroyed in those horrible times. Although we say “Never Again,” there are many people today who feel it’s time to repeat the slaughter.

Yehuda Elberg with rescued cousin

After all, it wasn’t the first. Why should it be the last? (Ask the Rwandans). There was the Armenian genocide, the Trail of Tears (expulsion of the Cherokee), the Chmielniki pogroms (as vicious as the holocaust, but less technologically advanced), the slaughter of western European Jewish communities by the Crusaders, and so on.