Diversity brings need for ‘gender neutral’ bathrooms to TX State campus

SAN MARCOS, Texas — As Texas State continues to grow, university administrators are working to respond to the needs of an increasingly diverse campus.

Recently, administrators updated their anti-discrimination policy to protect people who don’t identify with a traditional male or female gender.

Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Joanne Smith says they’re enhancing their efforts by pledging to put more “gender neutral” restrooms on campus.

Most of the 33,000 students at the San Marcos campus never give a second thought to where they make a pit stop.

But for people like freshman Fillippa, who doesn’t identify with a traditional male or female pronoun, the decision is bigger than which door to choose.

“It’s immensely awkward to walk out of the bathroom and have someone about to walk in and then they stop and they look at the sign on the door and then they look at you,” said Fillippa.

The freshman says a lack of gender neutral bathrooms can hurt the campus experience.

“You just kind of feel unwelcome everywhere,” said Fillippa. “You see a stare in the bathroom, you might translate [that] to feeling stares when you’re walking all around campus…”