Canadian Council of Muslim Women: CCMW’s Statement on Diversity amongst Muslims

There was a recent example of some Canadian Muslim university students who insisted on identifying the sect of a renowned scholar who was invited to speak, and then proceeded to make the unilateral decision to cancel the event because of her beliefs. The event was being co-sponsored by CCMW and the student organization and this decision raised a number of issues.

One of the issues is the discrimination towards a believing Muslim by another Muslim at a university event.

We also heard that some students objected to an open discussion because they believe we should not air our problems. It is true that the first step in addressing such attitudes and actions could be an internal discussion, and this was tried. But it is equally important to have an open discussion which allows us as Canadian Muslims to think on these issues, and hope such incidents do not occur in the future…

* * *
I wonder what this event was?