Ultra-Orthodox children heckled by Temple Mount mob

A group of Haredi children, accompanied by a number of adults and two policemen, were harassed by Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount on Thursday.

The group, comprised of 20 children and 30 adults, visited the Temple Mount, or the compound in which the al-Aqsa is situated, during the visiting hours allotted to non-Muslim visitors, including Jews.

Some of the children were infants. Israeli security forces instructed the adults in the group to take the children inside first, Only four adults were allowed to accompany them.

As soon as they walked up the stairs leading into the compound, the children and adults were heckled by a mob of Muslim men and veiled women. The Muslim worshipers shouted at the group and even threw a shoe towards the children, according to Yisrael Fertig, one of the adults accompanying the group…