Syria tourism minister’s investment bid: ‘some areas are 100% secure’

Happier times: western tourists walk in Old Damascus in March 2009 (File photo: Reuters)

Syria hopes to attract foreign investment in tourism, a government minister said on Friday, despite a three-year civil war that has killed more than 150,000 people and devastated many historic sites.

“The situation in Syria isn’t as the world imagines. There are areas that are 100 percent secure,” Tourism Minister Bishr Yazigi told Reuters in an interview.
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“In the coming period there will be legislation that will greatly ease investment, which will be attractive to investors around the world.”

Tourists have virtually deserted Syria – a body blow to an industry that Yazigi said made up 14% of the economy before the war…

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Your summer vacation spot!  I am surprised there are any hotels left standing.  Gives new meaning to “extreme tourism.”