Greta Christina: ‘It’s Hard’: The Crux (Apparently) of the atheism, social justice, and ‘mission drift’ question

Greta Christina, an atheist trying to push “social justice” (Note the tattoo)

And now — I think — we get to the crux of it.

The goalposts have been moving and moving. But I strongly suspect that this is it, the crux of the objection to organized atheism getting involved in other social change issues:

It’s hard.

When I argued that the “mission drift” objection made no sense — plenty of social justice issues are clearly within the missions of atheist organizations, and many atheist community groups already do projects (like highway cleanups) that have nothing to do with atheism — another objection was presented: It’s too controversial. It might drive people away from atheism or reinforce their negative opinions of us. It might keep some atheists from getting involved, or even drive some atheists who are already involved away.

Then when I argued that the “too controversial” objection made no sense — the status quo is not neutral, not doing social justice work is already controversial among marginalized people and is already keeping many away from organized atheism — the goalposts moved again.

Blah, blah, blah…

* * *
Who is this person? According to Wikipedia:

Greta was born in Chicago on December 31, 1961. She graduated from Reed College in 1983. She legally changed her name in her twenties, dropping her family name and taking her middle name as her last name, resulting in her current name of Greta Christina.
Greta Christina has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1984. She is openly bisexual, and lives with her wife, Ingrid Nelson, whom she has been with since 1998. Ingrid is also bisexual and works as a nurse practitioner in the field of HIV and AIDS.

Never heard of her before.  So there you go atheists, you have a fellow atheist to nag you!