Germany council election candidate told to remove Turkish symbol from CDU logo

Altered CDU logo with a Turkish crescent and star

A Germany-born Turkish town council election candidate has been forced to apologize and curb his campaign for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) after printing a logo with the Turkish crescent moon and star on it.

37-year-old Yasar Celik was running for the seat in Neuss, North Rhine-Westphalia caused outrage when it was found that he had place the Turkish symbol within the C that stands for “Christian.”

Claiming that he had printed 200 bags with the altered logo to distribute at a mosque as part of his campaign to attract Turkish voters, Calik said that he never had any religious point in mind[!!]

Calik was then ordered to remove the symbol after he was reminded that the party had been standing by Christian values for almost 60 years.

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