Birmingham: Trojan Horse investigation: pupils allowed to speak positively about terrorism, claims Humanist Association

Other allegations included claims that:

*Creationism and intelligent design were taught by at least one science teacher;
*Worksheets handed to Year 11 boys said a woman must obey her husband;
*Sex education lessons contained the message that “wives are not allowed to say no”;
*The school held Islamic instead of Christian collective worship, with students sitting segregated side-by-side  based on gender;
*Some male teachers expected boys to be sat at the front of the class and girls at the back, and ignored girls  when they wanted to answer a question;
*A teacher told pupils that females belonged in the kitchen and another agreed when a pupil commented  “women should not be allowed to drive”;
*Some girls were forced to wear a headscarf and female members of staff and pupils were treated as inferior  by male Muslim staff;
*Girls were not allowed to take part in PE or sport activities with boys because it made male Muslims “feel  uncomfortable”.
h/t tom_billesley