What the Baby Boomers wrought

I have never felt comfortable with my unwilling inclusion in the group; thanks to having a birth mother who was truly a Boomer, born in the last years of the ‘40s, but also experiencing the ‘60s – the bellwether Boomer cultural moment, or so they keep telling us – as a child, I’ve always felt more spiritually a part of Generation X, the dispirited demographic “bust” that followed the triumphant boom. My earliest memories aren’t of economic prosperity and easy employment and a zeitgeist that insisted that my cohort would “change the world,” but of ‘70s stagflation, the oil crisis, Watergate, and a kind of political helplessness whose sting was lessened by the certainty that politics was probably evil anyway. My first musical hero wasn’t Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix but John Lydon, the man who hit the headlines as Johnny Rotten.