UK’s idiotic Stop The War group: A new wave of Islamophobia: where it comes from and how to stop it

A major, often government inspired, series of attacks on Muslims within a few weeks should put us all on alert.

Let’s list them:

  • 31 March: the BBC’s Panorama attacks the Muslim Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman.
  • 1 April: David Cameron announces a major MI5 driven inquiry into whether the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK should be banned as a “terrorist organization.”
  • 15 April: after a hoax letter claiming that one Birmingham school is being influenced by “Islamicist” ideas, Michael Gove sets up a full scale inquiry led by Peter Clarke, the former head of counter-terrorism at Scotland Yard.
  • 20 April: William Shawcross, the hard right, neo-con head of the Charities Commission launches an investigation of Islamic subversion of charity organisations.
  • 23 April: Tony Blair makes a widely reported speech demanding more international action against “Islamism”
  • 24 April: Guardian headlines “Stop your sons joining Syria war, urges Met”, part of an ongoing campaign that has seen former Guantanamo prisoner Moazzam Begg charged with terrorism offences.

In all but one of these cases, the attack by the BBC on Lutfur Rahman, these initiatives are driven from the heart of the state machine and are intimately connected with the ideology of the war on terror…

* * *
Must be read to appreciate its far-left, dhimmi-like submission to Islam.