Roma behind burglary in Denmark

Foreign gangs consisting of mainly Roma from Romania are estimated to be responsible for approximately half of the burglaries in Zealand.

“Travel to Denmark to commit crimes, it is easy and pleasant,” says a Romanian citizen who is serving a three-year sentence for 24 burglaries.

In Denmark there is currently more burglary than most places on earth. In 2013, reported 38,830 burglaries, just in Zealand. More than 21,000 of the burglaries occurred in homes.

Almost half of the burglaries committed by foreigners, mainly Romanians and Roma, reports Berlingske.

“They typically live in a cheap hostel and we have seen examples of some doing it for years. They establish themselves here to commit burglary,” says Karl Erik Agerbo, police inspector and head of a special unit investigating burglary at Berlingske.

The risk of imprisonment is not a deterrent when conditions in Danish prisons are very good compared to the conditions criminals are used to in Romania.

“If you come from the poorest part of Romania, it is luxury to end up in a Danish prison. You get three meals a day and even earn money,” says Police Inspector Mikael Ask to Danish TV2.

It is a situation that is confirmed by a man from Romania who is currently serving a three-year sentence for 24 burglaries.

“It is very different than the prisons in my country. Here it is like a five star hotel. They give us money and the conditions are very good. It’s actually a pleasure to sit in jail here in Denmark,” says Dumitru Pacuta to Station 2.

When Pacuta was asked if he had anything to say to his countrymen in Romania, he replied: “Head to Denmark, I would say to them. Go there and commit a crime, for it is easy. Easy and pleasant.”

Other immigrant groups which account for significant shares of burglaries in Denmark are Lithuanians and Chileans.  (All links in Swedish)