German couple go to court after ‘noisy’ mosque ruined their Turkey holiday

The sun sets over the Ottoman-era Suleymaniye mosque in Istanbul, Jan. 8, 2014.

A German couple took to court to claim that a mosque ruined their vacation in Turkey with “noisy” calls for prayers.

The case was filed in the German city of Hannover, where the travel agent who organized their trip to Turkey was located, claiming they were not able to relax at the five-star Angora Beach Resort Hotel in the Turkish town of Doganbey on the Aegean coast.

The couple demanded half of their almost $3,200 all-inclusive package break, after claiming that the amplified Adhan (Muslim call to prayer) from a nearby mosque left them unable to relax, UK-based newspaper The Daily Mail reported on Friday.

The court dismissed their case, saying that the travel agent was not at fault. Additionally the couple should not have been surprised by hearing the amplified call to prayer due to the fact that their hotel was in the town center, the court added…

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Much as I sympathize with not wanting to hear calls to prayer, the couple must have known it was a risk if they vacationed in almost 100% Muslim Turkey. Better try Greece next time.