Hamas, Hezbollah hit Egypt jails, witnesses tell Morsi trial

Egypt’s ousted president Mohammed Morsi in a soundproof barred glass cage is seen on a monitor. Morsi and 35 others are facing charges of conspiring with foreign groups and undermining national security

Prosecution witnesses in the jailbreak trial of Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday accused members of Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah of attacking Egyptian prisons during the 2011 uprising.

The trial, one of three against Morsi, is part of a government crackdown that has targeted him and his Muslim Brotherhood movement since his ouster by the army in July.

In the jailbreak case, Morsi and 130 other defendants including Palestinian and Lebanese militants are charged with organizing attempts to spring prisoners from jails and attacking police stations during the uprising that ousted longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak.

The prosecution presented three witnesses in Wednesday’s hearing, two of whom described how jails were attacked during the uprising, before the trial was postponed until April 30…