Guardian: This war on ‘Islamism’ only fuels hatred and violence

Tony Blair speaks at Bloomberg in London on 23 April

The neocons are back… Yesterday the liberal interventionists’ hero, Tony Blair, was once more demanding military action against the “threat of radical Islam.”
In Britain, the campaign against Islamist “extremism” is once again in full flow. In fact, it is open season on the Muslim community. For the past few weeks reports have multiplied about an alleged “Islamic plot,” code-named Operation Trojan Horse, to take control of 25 state schools in Birmingham and run them on strict religious principles.
There are now four official inquiries. Inspectors have gone round schools asking teachers whether they are homophobes and telling others their school will fail inspection because they’re not teaching “anti-terrorism,” while Gove’s media allies have been fed inflammatory titbits to justify the campaign.

Locals insist the reality is that Muslims, both liberal and conservative, have been getting more involved in their children’s schools to raise standards, not “Islamise” them. But the result of the uproar has been to poison community relations and deter ordinary Muslims from taking part in civic life for fear of being branded “extremist…”