Denmark: Muslims attack police and manage to liberate arrested gang member, shot fired

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A dramatic event played out in front of the Court in Glostrup today (April 23) as friends of the 31-year-old Rached Hamade, suspected member of the immigrant gang Loyal To Familia, helped him escape from the Court in Glostrup.

The man was arrested Tuesday night and brought to a preliminary hearing in a case involving four pistols and a revolver.

But a group of five men arrived at court, where they managed to free the man free by pushing the officers escorting him.

The police fired warning shots, police said in a statement.

Then the detainee ran to a waiting black BMW station wagon.

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The car began to pull away, and he was dragged along the pavement for a few meters, said a Ritzau reporter who witnessed the incident.

But he managed to crawl in through one of the car windows, and then the car disappeared.

The man is barely out of his 20s. He has been wanted for a few months after the discovery of four pistols and a revolver in February in a villa in Hvidovre, the deputy police inspector Carsten Jansson informed Ritzau last Wednesday.

In connection with the escape there was a shot heard, according to the reporter. It is not known whether it was the sound of a warning shot fired by a policeman.

Rached Hamade was wearing a gray sweatshirt with a large white front, sand-colored pants with side pockets when he fled.

h/t Nicolai Sennels