What is the Beer Store?

What is the Beer Store?

The Beer Store is a small name that disguises a big multinational corporation. In reality, it’s a chain of foreign-owned beer stores that have the government monopoly in Ontario.

Known for their inconvenient hours, their don’t-give-a-damn service, and their high prices, The Beer Store is owned by foreign mega-corporations Anheuser-Busch InBev, from Belgium Molson Coors, headquartered in Colorado, and Sapporo Brewery, which is based in Japan.

Naturally, Canadian customers want more than one, expensive, unfriendly, foreign-owned place to buy beer. And hard-working small businesses in our neighbourhoods want a chance to sell beer too – like shopkeepers do in New York, Quebec and Alberta.

It’s about choice for Ontarians, and letting local businesses compete with foreign bullies.