Germany: Refugees to march to Brussels to protest against EU asylum policy

Member of the Bundestag Ströbele, (Green Party), with refugees

Refugees from Berlin and other European cities plan to march to Brussels to protest against restrictions on [the movement of] asylum seekers in Europe.

The spokesman for the refugee camps by the Berlin Oranienplatz announced on Wednesday that the “March for Freedom” from Strasbourg to Brussels will be on May 19.

There, from June 20-26, the participants want to make EU institutions aware of their situations.

The EU’s system, according to which refugees have to live in the first “safe country” in which they arrive in Europe, was built on a lie, said the 29-year-old Asif from Pakistan at the Brandenburg Gate [in Berlin].

Asylum seekers cannot feel their lives are safe in either Italy or Hungary, [they say].

The march will pass through the border region of Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The protesters want to cover 500 km and pass through, among other places, Sarreguemines, Saarbrücken, Schengen, Luxembourg and Charleroi.

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What a wreck. Only one word: deport. To hell with the EU.  See here,  here  and here for more background on the Oranienplatz squatters in Berlin.