‘Neil deGrasse Tyson is quickly going from the cutest astrophysicist in the universe to a colossal bore’

Gavin McInnes pens a must-read about “racism” and the culture of complaint:

You can’t talk about the possibility that black people did anything to deserve these stereotypes. Actually, you can’t even talk about black people. So, we’ll do what they do in Texas and the military. We’ll call them “Canadians.” It’s a lot easier this way.

If you’re “Canadian” and you’re being looked at suspiciously, how about you get mad at the Canadians who created this real life possibility? If a woman grabs her purse on the elevator because you’re Canadian, get mad at the disproportionate number of Canadians who steal purses.

Did you get stopped in your fancy car because you’re Canadian? How about you take it up with the Canadian drug dealers who taught the cops it’s a good bet to pull them over.

Jay Z bitches about cops pulling him over but he also brags about his life as a crack dealer. I guess his beef is that the cops pulled him over too late? (…)

As Patton Oswalt was recently attacked for saying, “Political correctness is a war on noticing.”