Many Canadian aboriginals see no compromise on oil sands pipeline

Debate in Kitimat, B.C., was raging prior to the town’s plebiscite on the Northern Gateway pipeline project. Voters rejected the pipeline proposal in the non-binding April 12 vote — dealing another small blow to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s vision for Canada as an energy superpower

(Reuters) – Just a few miles from the spot where Enbridge Inc plans to build a massive marine terminal for its Northern Gateway oil pipeline, Gerald Amos checks crab traps and explains why no concession from the company could win his support for the project.

Amos, the former chief of the Haisla Nation on the northern coast of British Columbia and a community leader, has argued for years that the risk – no matter how small – of an oil spill in these waters outweighs any reward the controversial project might offer.

That resolve is shared by many in the aboriginal communities along the proposed pipeline and marine shipping route who see the streams, rivers and oceans in their traditional territories as the lifeblood of their culture…