Germany: Ruhr Bishop at Easter calls for more effort concerning refugees

Ruhr Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck

Given the refugee dramas in many countries around the world Ruhr Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck has called on the Germans to show more hospitality.

“There are various reasons why people have to flee from their homes, just as there are various many reasons why we in this country have to learn to be hospitable,” Overbeck warned in his Easter sermon in Essen.

People should not talk of foreigners overrunning the country and seeking to protect our identity by sealing off the country.

It is “for us Christians and for us as a society a duty to integrate [the refugees] and make them at home,” emphasized the bishop.

The bishop spoke about the refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the countless refugees in African war zones.

“We must not so often leave defenceless people to violence and destruction, putting economic interests, political calculus and indiscriminate exploitation first,” said the bishop.

* * *
Fine words. But you are greatly outnumbered by people who want to live in Europe.  It cannot remain Europe if it brings the violence and destruction of the migrants to home shores.

It is not true that all are defenceless.  Some are the very people causing the problems in their home countries, and they will make most undesirable citizens.

Then there is “second generation” effect: the first refugees from war are grateful to live in Europe. Their children, growing up in peaceful in Europe, will show none of this gratitude. Many will become troublesome, even if their parents were model citizens.

This seems to be the case with Muslims in particular, as they are almost impossible to integrate, except for a Westernized fringe. They don’t want to integrate, they want us to accommodate them.