Akif Pirinçcis: “Germany out of her Senses”, Uncensored Interview

Akif Pirinçci is Censored – An Insight into Media Manipulation

The following video shows Pirinçci’s truncated eight minute interview of 2 April 2014 which took place on Mittagsmagazin, a programme on Germany’s “Second German Television” (ZDF), one of two large public broadcasters paid for by a special Tariff on the German people. The censorship began in the course of the interview itself as Akif Pirinçci explains:

The interview was supposed to last 15 minutes. Unfortunately only eight minutes came out of it. After the interview the moderator leaned toward me and said — (moderators have a receiver in their ear) — that she was ordered to sign off with the words: “squelch it, squelch it, squelch it”, because I had just said a few unlovely things. They had received me in a very congenial manner, but I had not expected a large broadcaster would do such a thing. It was plain censorship. [Radio Interview Stimme Russlands (Voice of Russia)]

The video was even removed from the ZDF media library; but following complaints, the original 8 minute version was replaced with a censored one of just over four minutes. The German Internet portal blu-News reported that in the censored version, — and the present author also viewed it for himself — the introductory ‘establishing shot’ (which critiques the failure of Turkish Muslims to integrate even in the generation) was completely cut, as was the conspicuous moment when Pirinçci refers to “the child-sex party – the Greens” (der Kindersexpartei — die Grünen). In the end, even the censored version was removed from the ZDF media library.

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