Pakistan: Man arrested for selling infant son

Police on Saturday arrested a man who sold his two-month-old son to a private medical practitioner and then filed a false complaint that the infant was kidnapped. Police have also arrested the man’s brother-in-law who was allegedly involved the sale and false complaint as well.

Talking to The Express Tribune while in police custody, Batala Colony resident Muhammad Sadique said he sold his infant son due to abject poverty.

“I’m a daily wage earner and have a family of five. For the last four days, I have not had money to feed my family, let alone pay rent for my living quarters, the owner of which threatened to evict me,” he said.

“Faced with such a situation, me and my brother-in-law Abdul Ghafoor decided to sell my newborn son to meet my family’s expenses and purchase a small house,” Sadique added.