Iran rape victim bound for gallows unless she changes story

Rape victim Reyhaneh Jabbari has been sentenced to death in Iran

An Iranian rape victim has been offered the option of avoiding the gallows if she complies with terms for forgiveness set by the son of the predator she murdered.

Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, an Iranian intelligence agent, was killed by Reyhaneh Jabbari after she was lured to flat to undertake interior design work but sexually abused.

Jabbari pleaded self defence but was sentenced to hang for Sarbandi’s death. The interior designer’s lawyer has warned the sentence could be carried out within weeks.

Iran’s Islamic based legal system gives the family of victims the right to grant clemency in capital punishment sentences but Sarbandi’s son, Jalal has demanded that Jabbari must change her version of events if she hopes to live.

“Only when her true intentions are exposed and she tells the truth about her accomplice and what really went down will we be prepared to grant mercy,” he said.

The son said Jabbari, 26, had conceded a man was present in the apartment where his father was stabbed to death “but she refuses to reveal his identity”…

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Strange story.  More to this than we are hearing, not that I am sympathetic to the Iranian regime or sharia.