Gee what a surprise! France has its own Muslim infiltration of the school system scandal

NB Google Translate: This document, thick fifteen pages, dated November 28, is peppered with about 70 accurate examples throughout France. All are indicative and sometimes surreal. Dissecting scalpel under a phenomenon of might “destabilize the teaching staff” “isolated initiatives”, police reveal how the followers of the “legalistic Islamic tradition ‘attempt to circumvent the March 2004 law banning religious symbols in schools . Engaged in a “war of attrition” against which the faculty is resourceless, self-proclaimed “young guardians of orthodoxy” exercise the same within certain establishments pressure on Muslim girls. “In the Muslim holidays, especially during the Eid-el-Kebir, classes are abandoned by students,” said the report reveals absenteeism bordering 90% in sensitive areas of Nimes and Toulouse.

h/t fds