Confession: I like the damn movie. So there

Okay so it’s Easter!

It’s also a few days after the 102nd anniversary of the Titanic sinking.

I was going to do a thing; I was going to go photograph a grave or two here in Halifax and exhibit the photos for your general edification; but the truth is that the scene is very mundane. Just like any other graveyard. (And then there is the fact that mainly, of course, I’m lazy. Also, I have trouble uploading pics on this computer.) J. Dawson’s tombstone is over a decade past the tourist rush and now neglected. The grave of the unidentified child is always – from what I’ve seen – very touchingly covered in kitsch and flowers.

Also, CNN is a joke. Ha ha!

So, anyway. Here’s Thomas Hardy’s truly great poem on the subject.

And here , God help us all, is Celine.

I know. I’m sorry.