TorStar: Human smuggler or modern-day Robin Hood?

ISTANBUL—In the Aksaray neighbourhood of Istanbul, in one of the countless Turkish coffee shops crammed into one of the countless winding streets, you can meet with Abo Khalil and buy your new identity.
He began our meeting by voicing his negative opinion of western governments. The West, he says, has stood by complicit and watched as Syrians have engaged in a bloody civil war that has left more than 150,000 dead and displaced millions. Another 180,000 are missing inside Syrian prisons.

If America and Canada won’t help stop the conflict, at least they could open their borders to Syrians and offer them all asylum, not just the educated ones, he argues.
“Your governments — America and Canada — your leaders, they are warlords. They operate like the mafia, but with permission,” says Khalil, a Syrian…

h/t Marty P