Can we ditch Multiculturalism already? – Alleged Canadian citizen, Mahmoud Ahmed Abdou reported killed in Syria

The Syrian army reported (April 8, 2014) that military forces operating in the southern rural area of the district of Idlib (ريف إدلب الجنوبي) in the villages of al-Hamidiya (الحميدية) and Kufr Sajanah (كفرسجنة), managed to kill several insurgents, including the following foreigners: the Turkish Ali Ibrahim (علي إبراهيم), the Afghans Taysir Muhammad al-Hamed (تيسير محمد الحامد), Yahya Mahmoud al-Namal (يحيى محمود النمل) and Ahmed Nimr al-Shawish (أحمد نمر الشاويش), the Canadian Mahmoud Ahmed Abdou (محمود أحمد عبدو) and the Chadian Juma’a Ali Hubaish (جمعة علي حبيش). Three other persons, most probably Syrian nationals, were also reported killed in this operation: Ahmed Omar Bakour (أحمد عمر بكور), Tard Musarat (طرد مصرات) and Ahmed Muhammad Alwani (أحمد محمد علواني).

Source link using Google translate“The source said that the units of the Army and Armed Forces ruled on a number of foreign terrorists by targeting their hideouts in Hamidiya and Kvrsjna Idleb countryside south.

The source said that among the terrorists killed Ali Ibrahim Turkish nationality and facilitating Mohammed Hamed and Yahya Mahmoud ants and Ahmad Nimer Shawish “Afghans” and Mahmoud Ahmed Abdo Canadian citizenship and F Ali Hubaysh Chadian nationality…”