Alleged Canadian teenager arrested in Egypt, suspected of being a member of a “terrorist cell”

Jonathan Halevi reports…

“According the media report, the Egyptian Police arrested Muhammad Z. (محمد. ز), 20, student at Faculty of Law in Cairo University and Suliman M. (سليمان.م), 15, Canadian national, student at the middle school Azhari Sheikh Zayed Institute for Boys (معهد الشيخ زايد الأزهري), who lives in neighborhood no. 6 ward no. 2 (الحي السادس المجاورة 2) in 6th of October City. In their possession were found 4 tear gas, a gas mask, several banners of the sign of “fourth”, and membership card of the Freedom and Justice Party (Muslim Brotherhood) that belonged to his father (probably Suliman’s father).”

h/t Sassy