Sweden: Muslims set up homemade traffic control, stopped cars in Skäggetorp

Police have received indications that criminals have set up their own roadblocks in connection with the riots in Skäggetorp.

According to Thomas Agnevik, police spokesman, there is evidence that criminals have stopped the car in Skäggetorp both Sunday night and Monday night. This was reportedly on Nygårdsvägen, at the entrance to Skäggetorps center.

“It’s very serious, of course, people are becoming terrified. It is a way to elevate themselves, to gain respect, intimidate people and have their way. It is their tactics. We see how they work,” says Thomas Agnevik.

Several sources of Corren [the news site] saw masked Black Cobra members completely unperturbed as they set up their own traffic controls and significantly frightened visitors arriving by car to Skäggetorps centre.

“I’ve seen a lot in my life, but this was among the craziest thing I’ve seen: hardened criminals who do the police’s job! And it went on for a long time without the police interfering,” says a source, who also says that the incident has strengthened the Black Cobra and weakened the police position.

According to a police spokesman the police should have been in place when the illegal roadblocks were established.

Are you going to step in if it happens again? [asks news site]

“Yes, but only if people call us and tells us when it happens. Then we will intervene directly.”