Sweden: Library vandalized by ‘gang’

Police photo

On Monday afternoon the Swedish taxpayer-funded library in Staffanstorp was invaded by a “youth gang.”

The gang members were not interested in reading books or they were angry that the books were written in a language they did not understand.

In any case, they decided to vandalize the library.

The gang came to indiscriminately toss books on the floor and overturn the bookshelves. The library’s regular visitors, including many children, now fear for their safety. On the Police in Lund Facebook page yesterday it issued the following appeal to the public for help in finding the perpetrators:

We need help!

We know that many of our followers are from Staffanstorp, or have friends and relatives in the area. Our police colleagues in Staffanstorp need your help.

In the afternoon a youth gang visited the library in Staffanstorp. For some unknown reason chose these to tip over shelves of books and generally behave badly. The youths ran from the scene.

Have you seen anything or know anything about the incident? Call 114 14 or send an email to tipsapolisen.skane@polisen.se. You can remain anonymous.

Link to story in Swedish at Avpixlat here.