Mass Cisteria

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains bushels and bales of foul language. It also quotes passages that are so hate-filled, they make Adolf Hitler look like Doris Day. As a result, many readers may find this material problematic. Enter with caution, and DO NOT touch the museum exhibits.

As a cisgender male, I feel it incumbent upon me to inform select members of this audience—basically, all of you—that you, too, are cisgender and certain people may therefore wish you grave harm because of it.

The neologism “cisgender”—and it’s a soft “c,” as in “celebrate” and “cemetery”—heat-welds the Latin preposition cis (“on this side of”) to the word “gender.” The prefix “cis-” is the polar opposite of “trans-,” which means “across” or “beyond.” By definition, cisgender persons stand in binary opposition to transgender persons, who are pretty much the only ones who ever toss around the word “cisgender,” anyway…