Why one episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ is worth a thousand history lessons

Now that Game of Thrones has been established as a global modern classic – season four starts this evening in Britain, having premiered in the US last night – maybe it’s about time we introduced it to the school curriculum.

It would certainly teach our kids a hell of a lot more about the realities of the past than they tend to learn in their dumbed-down, politically correct history classes.
Whereas my father’s generation would have learned about the kings of England at school, the bloody battles and usurpations, the poisonings, the tortures and the love affairs, and King Harold getting shot in the eye, by the time I was taught the subject the sort of questions we were asked went along the lines of “How would the social changes experienced during the 15th century have impacted on a female weaver living in Norfolk?” Or “Look at Source A and Source B; what differences can you spot and why might that have been? Anyway, children, next term we’ll be reading about the Nazis. Again.”

h/t hbd* chick