Kim Jong-un’s embassy officials demand Foreign Office take action in row over use of dictator’s ‘bad hair day’ image by hairdresser

The offending advertisment

North Korean agents have demanded the Foreign Office intervene in their row with a London hairdresser who used a picture of Kim Jong-un to advertise its 15 per cent ‘bad hair’ discount.

M&M Hair Academy in South Ealing sparked a diplomatic incident after it lampooned the dictator’s unique hairstyle in a poster hung in its shop window.

Owner Mo Nabbach said within 24 hours men in suits from the North Korean embassy two miles away arrived and demanded it was taken down – but he refused because ‘England is a democracy.’

The regime’s staff in London have now written to William Hague and asked him to take ‘necessary action to stop the provocation’ because the poster was ‘disrespectful’ of their ‘Dear Leader.’

‘We have received a letter from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea about this issue,’ a Foreign Office spokesman told MailOnline…