An imam’s view: Why some young Muslims feel disgruntled

Only the CBC would print this tripe…

“Many people – they’re being taught to think that Sharia law means amputation of hands and stoning people to death and basically beheading people. That’s all they’re ever taught about Sharia law and in actual fact Sharia law is a complete system of Islamic laws.”

Like the Jizya and cliterectomies and dhimmitude for non-believers… Oh and did I mention the stoning of Gays?

Here’s Shakies CV sorta, I do not have time to research him today as I am heading out to work,

This is one of the sites he is associated and where Women and Hijab thing came from, came from, Yea sharia is a real good thing for women

Woman and Hijâb [Veil]


The law of hijâb requires that the whole female body — from head to feet, including the face

be concealed in the presence of ghair-mahariem. A woman should not emerge from the home

unnecessarily. If she has to, due to some need, then she should cover her face and body with

an outer garment, e.g. burqa, so that the face and shape of the body are not exposed. The

wearing of the veil is WÂJIB according to the SHARÎ’AH