Premier Wynne’s brother-in-law named interim CEO of eHealth

TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne’s brother-in-law has been appointed “interim” CEO of eHealth, the Toronto Sun has learned.

David Rounthwaite, brother of Wynne’s wife, Jane, was appointed to the $210,000-a-year job effective March 7.

Our government, it’s all relative, all 3 party’s are part of the same trough sucking decrepit enterprise. This is what government has devolved to in Ontario, the political class looks after its own at your expense.

From the comments at the Sun – a little list

Here’s the list continued. Kudos to everyone who has contributed.

1) Gas Plant Scandal – deleting evidence of wrongdoing – 2013- liberals
2) E-health – 2009- liberals
3) OLG –2010- liberals
4) Ornge – 2011-liberals
5) The Green Energy Act– which was declared illegal by the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2012 – 2009-liberals
6) HST -the liberals took the bribe of $ 4.3 billion to earn more money for their wind turbines while inflicting more financial pain on the citizens of Ontario -2012- liberals
7) The Health Premium– remember mcquinty saying no more taxes and the liberals hit us with this, the biggest tax grab
ever- 2003- liberals
8) The pre – Kindergarten – 2012- liberals
9) The Pan-Am games – 2012 -liberals
10) Metrolinx & the Big Move – 2009- liberals
11) Drive Clean Program – 2005 – conservative act (1988) changed by liberals so it costs more
12) Coroner’s complex – 2012 -liberals
13) LHIN – 2006 – liberals
14) the teacher solution year in power – liberals
15) The O.P.P. raise – every year in power- liberals
16) Healthcare cuts to most used items – liberals
17) The proposed 10 cents levy on a litre of gas to subsidize the liberal mismanagement of taxpayer’s monies.
18) Gift Cards to Toronto residents which all of Ontario is paying for – 2014 – liberals
19) Northlands – cost more to shut it down than it did to run it – 2013- liberals
20) E-Health- again- with the bonuses paid out to employees when there is a wage freeze supposedly happening – 2014 –
21) the proposed Ontario Pension Plan – liberals, they want the
citizens of Ontario to give them more money to mismanage – and now it is mandatory to contribute which means more money funneled to the liberal party’s follies – 2014
22) the proposed hospital and the winery grant to attempt to win another buy election – 2014 – liberals – thankfully they failed
23) Making the hydro users of Ontario pay $220 per hydro user to subsidize the selling of our hydro to other provinces and the
states- 2014 – liberals.
24) Paul Martin- yes that Paul Martin of CSL and EI ripoffs – 2014 – liberals
25) Ontario added one public sector job for every two private sector jobs lost last month. Even as the province shed a net
39,000 positions in December — pretty much wiping out all employment gains for the year — the public sector work force grew by 13,000 jobs over that same one-month period, the Stats Canada Labour Force Survey revealed Friday. 2014 – liberals
26) minimum wage increase- as a store owner all this increase is going to do is drive up costs or maybe lead to laying off one or two employees – extra employee deductions on top of the wage increase- 2014 – liberals
27) McQuinty made all elected members of the provincial legislature, but who not been made a cabinet minister, an assistant to a minister therefore raising the each liberal member’s salary by about $13 000.
28) 4 Billion dollars they added to the Debt Retirment Balance of Hydro after hiding the fact for 6 years, they were caught out and still no shame-and we are still paying for a debt that was to ended in 2012- liberals, just where did the money go by the way?
29) “The Rural Economic Development program is one of the few programs that is designed to help strengthen our rural communities,” Hardeman explained in an interview Monday..
“The government shouldn’t be supporting a downtown Toronto business, a bakery at the expense of our small towns.”
The program guidelines state:
“For the purposes of the RED Program ‘rural’ encompasses all of Ontario with the exception of Greater Toronto Area and eight large urban areas.”
“Rural communities deserve to know how much of the fund that is supposed to help them was instead given to businesses
in the Greater Toronto Area,” said Hardeman, who is also the PC Critic for Agriculture and Food. – liberals
30) If any part of this proposed budget is true then we all know they are trying to buy votes. Putting the bureaucracy to work for the liberals is the utmost of low mindedness – 2014 – liberals
31) Increase spending when the times call for budget restraint – the liberals just do not get it as they are trying to buy votes but Moodys will tell them in harsh terms again – 2014 -liberals
32) the over hiring of public servants to increase voter base and to hide the true unemployment numbers Ontario has – 2013 – liberals
33) An influential credit rating agency has put Ontario on notice that it could knock down its rating if it fails to get its fiscal house
in order, ratcheting up pressure for the province to take more aggressive action to rein in spending.
Moody’s Investors Service warned on Thursday that it might lower the rating if the province doesn’t take serious steps in
the next budget to deal with its multibillion-dollar deficit.
From the Globe and Mail last updated Thursday,
Sep. 06 2012, 11:01 AM EDT
And the new budget shows how much financial restraint?
2014 – liberals
34) n August of 2012, Dalton McGuinty cut funding for the Centre of Forensic Sciences, a highly skilled and world-renowned task force.
A Toronto Sun article from August 2012, gave us the description of what this task force does:
“The employees at the Centre of Forensic Sciences now facing unemployment do not grow on trees. They are highly educated in computer sciences, mathematics and criminology, and SKILLED IN RETRIEVING DATA FROM FILES THAT HAVE BEEN ERASED OR DELETED from the electronic devices of suspected criminals. They can venture into cyberspace and restore deleted e-mails and Internet chat logs that will assist police in tracking criminals.”
First mcguinty and now mcwynnety are just doing the tax and spend philosophy.
The list just keeps getting longer with more issues arising every day it seems.