How Uncanny Was My Valley: Kathy’s NEW Taki’s column

All about the “BoyfriendTwin” phenomenon: called it “the strangest phenomenon you’ll see today,” and this is the same website that offers up a sexually explicit interview with comedian Hannibal Buress, in which he remembers one groupie who “wanted me to flick pickle juice into her eyes.”

    BoyfriendTwin is a Tumblr site—its motto: “What’s sexier than dating yourself?”—that collects photographs of male couples that look alike. Really, really alike. More so than some twins you’ve seen.

    Now, maybe I’m dating myself, but I happen to know that so-called “clones” have played a big part in gay culture since before Stonewall. But these BoyfriendTwin guys have taken it to the next creepy level.