Christmas falls foul of Muslim head

Park View is among the Birmingham schools being investigated.

FOR more than a decade, Santa Claus had visited Ladypool Primary School in Birmingham to hand out Christmas presents and pose for photographs with delighted children.

The largely Muslim pupils at the secular school eagerly anticipated Santa’s arrival and parents and teachers joined the celebrations.

But last year Vicky Hubble, the teacher organising the event, was told Santa’s visit would be cancelled and there would be no presents and “no mention” of Jesus being the son of God.

Students at Ladypool Primary

The new rules governing Christmas at Ladypool are understood to have been spelt out to Hubble by Huda Aslam, the head teacher recruited last September from al-Hijrah, an Islamic secondary school about two miles from Ladypool.

Aslam wanted to reduce Christmas festivities to little more than sing-alongs such as Jingle Bells, according to a teacher at Ladypool.

“Vicky was called in by Ms Aslam and told to organise the Christmas assembly,” the teacher said. “But she was told, ‘No Santa, no presents, and no mention that Jesus is the son of God’.

“It was outrageous because for 11 years Father Christmas would go around and give all the children presents — mainly books. The children would be very excited and loved it.”

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I am surprised such a thing as Santa visits has lasted this long!