MSNBC’s Hayes: Racism to blame for states’ lack of Medicaid expansion

MSNBC personalities frequently turn to race to explain away society’s ills, and on Thursday’s All In, host Chris Hayes cried racism on the topic of state Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare. Hayes started by admitting what many people have probably guessed about him and many of his fellow MSNBC hosts – that he sees American politics through a racial lens. He proclaimed:

“The racial prism I use to analyze American politics has grown sharper and I think in some ways more pessimistic in the Obama era. I will cop to that, unquestionably. Like, I do think, see things more thoroughly through the prism of race.”

Having established that race colors his view of the world, Hayes put up a map on the screen of states that have and have not expanded Medicaid under the ACA. The map showed that most of the states that have not expanded are Republican-leaning states in the Great Plains and the South. That makes sense, of course. States with more conservative governments are less likely to support the expansion of a welfare program such as Medicaid…