Huge poll boost for UKIP as a fifth of voters say they will back anti-Europe party in wake of Maria Miller and ‘Sexminster’ scandals

UKIP leader Nigel Farage

Support for UKIP has reached a record high in the wake of the Maria Miller scandal which rocked the Conservative party this week.

A poll shows Nigel Farage’s anti-Europe party up four points on 20%, as the Tories slumped three points to 29%.

Levels of support for UKIP are now at a record high as they were the only party to gain popularity in a week of sleaze in Westminster, including allegations of sexual assault against young parliamentary aides.

In a Comres poll for the Sunday Mirror and Independent on Sunday, Labour remained steady on 35%, opening up a six point lead over the Tories, while the Lib Dems reached an all-time low of just 7%.

The survey comes at the end of a bad week for David Cameron, as 62% thought he showed a lack of leadership over his handling of the Maria Miller expenses claims.

The Basingstoke MP stepped down from her role as Culture Secretary on Wednesday after being forced to repay £5,800 in mortgage payments and apologise to the House of Commons.

Mr Farage’s performances in the head-to-head clashes with Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg over Britain’s future in Europe appear to have paid off, giving him a seven-point bounce in his personal ratings since last month, taking him to 27%.

The Deputy Prime Minister is down one point to 12%, while Prime Minister David Cameron has dropped 4 points to 27% and Labour leader Ed Miliband is down 2 points to 20%…

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The establishment pols are trying to dig up dirt on Farage. I have read that he had his wife on the payroll, even that he had a mistress himself.

But that is not the point. The point is voting for someone who will force the mainstream parties into a more reasonable stance out of fear of losing power.

This is a crisis. This not conventional politics.