How many books has Jay Carney read? Daily Mail notices the photoshops too!

Amateur Twitter sleuths tore the image apart on Saturday, mocking the horrible Photoshop job which left Americans with the impression that president Obama’s spokesman isn’t well-read enough to have a sizable library of his own (note the extra finger, 2nd shelf R)

The political Twittersphere erupted into guffaws Saturday after a women’s lifestyle magazine published a soft profile of ABC journalist Claire Shipman – the wife of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney – and applied ham-fisted Photoshop edits to a photo of the family bookshelf.

Now it’s not so empty.

The photograph shows Carney and Shipman standing in front of a briefing podium, miming the routine of a press conference by taking questions from their enthusiastic children. The bookshelf is situated behind them.

A dozen or more cut-and-paste operations later, 12-year-old Hugo Carney’s left pinky finger wound up halfway across the room, left behind when a book jacket was cloned.

That’s just the most obvious edit…

* * *
Black Mamba posted on this also a day or two ago, here, but the Mail seems to have found even more!