Judge orders man with infectious TB to live in isolation and wear an ankle bracelet

Carrie Storrs, Illinois Department of Public Health, left, instructs Champaign County court reporter Melissa Clagg, with her disposable respirator prior to Friday’s hearing

An Illinois judge on Friday ordered a disobedient patient with infectious tuberculosis to wear an ankle bracelet and stay home alone or be taken into custody.

Christian Mbemba Ibanda, who is in his 20s, of Champaign, Illinois, failed to appear at a hearing for which Judge Chase Leonhard and his entire courtroom had been fitted with protective masks to guard against the highly contagious disease.

In Ibanda’s absence the masks were not worn in the courtroom, but were taken along by a team of officials who headed out to Ibanda’s apartment to carry out the judge’s order.

One team member, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District Administrator Julie Pryde, who sought the order, said Ibanda refused to come to the hearing and told her he was staying home.