Coulter visit splits Notre Dame student body

A group of silent student demonstrators pass out postcards Wednesday at the University of Notre Dame bearing quotations from conservative commentator Ann Coulter. The students were protesting Coulter’s scheduled visit on campus today and urging an end to hate speech.

SOUTH BEND — A scheduled visit today to the University of Notre Dame by conservative commentator and writer Ann Coulter has split the student body, raising issues about free speech, hate speech and what makes for an appropriate campus speaker.

Coulter’s visit to campus has been debated among students and on the pages of the Observer, the campus newspaper, for weeks.

Some students said they oppose Coulter being invited to Notre Dame because of her record of incendiary remarks concerning liberals, black Republicans, gay people, Arabs, single mothers and other groups.

Coulter is scheduled to speak on campus this evening at an event hosted by the Notre Dame College Republicans.