Austria: Attempted murder in Pinzgauer asylum home: Eleven years imprisonment for refugee

Pinzgauer, Austria

SALZBURG: A 29-year-old refugee from Iraq charged with attempted murder of a room-mate in the Pinzgauer Asylum Home on July 21, 2013 has been sentenced to eleven years in prison. Furthermore, in April 2013 the defendant attacked another refugee with a fork.

The verdict of the jury at the Court of Salzburg Regional Court is not yet final.

The victim of the bloody conflict in July was a 19-year-old Afghan. According to state prosecutor Tomas Schützenhofer the Iraqi attempted to cut the Afghan’s throat with a knife.  The Afghan managed to repel the attack. He suffered injuries to his shoulder.

The defendent had told another occupant of the home of his intent, the prosecutor explained on the first day of hearings.

The Iraqi insisted on his innocence. He denied intent to kill and said that his room-mate had been frequently threatened him with a knife and insulted him. He was merely acting in self-defence, he said.

The jury did not believe him. The 29-year-old was sentenced for the attack with the knife as aggravated assault.