U.S. troops may be sent to Eastern Europe as part of growing conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Pro-Russian activists hold a U.S. flag signed ‘Stop’ at the regional security service building in the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk on Wednesday

NATO’s top military commander in Europe said Wednesday that U.S. troops could be deployed to alliance member states in Eastern Europe now feeling at risk by the Russian military threat against Ukraine.

U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove told The Associated Press he wouldn’t “write off involvement by any nation, to include the United States.”

Foreign ministers of the 28-nation alliance have given Breedlove until Tuesday to propose steps to reassure NATO members nearest Russia that other alliance countries have their back.

“Essentially what we are looking at is a package of land, air and maritime measures that would build assurance for our easternmost allies,” Breedlove told the AP. “I’m tasked to deliver this by next week. I fully intend to deliver it early.”