Peaceful Islam

True Islam should flow from Verses of Peace.

SIR – Fraser Nelson says that “the good British Muslim is truly one amongst us – and proud to be so”. That is right, but it skates over the deeper problem within Islam, which is a single political, religious and legal system, taking its authority solely from the Koran, the Hadith and the Sunna.
Unfortunately, the things Mohammed did and said later in his life – the “Verses of the Sword” – give ample inspiration and justification to the jihadists, and, under the Muslim tenet of “abrogation”, are held to outweigh the earlier “Verses of Peace”.
Since September 11 2001, there have been some 18,000 attacks by Islamists worldwide, killing 206,000 people (45 a day), a majority of them Muslim.
So the question becomes: if Islam is a religion of peace, and if the Jihadists form such a tiny minority, why do the vast majority not get together and issue a fatwa to cast them out of Islam?
Couldn’t they organise a Great Council and decree that the Verses of the Sword are to be taken as referring to the internal struggle between good and evil in each one of us, and that true Islam flows only from the Verses of Peace?
If they don’t, is it because they daren’t?
Lord Pearson of Rannoch
London SW1
h/t Dr. J