German shop sells mugs with picture of Hitler, says it was an accident

The Hitler mug

A German furniture store is offering £15 (€18, $25 US) gift vouchers to customers who return mugs that the company sold decorated with roses and poems – next to the photograph of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

The sale of anything featuring the former Führer is strictly forbidden in modern-day Germany and can be punishable with severe fines.

But the Hitler-decorated mugs somehow crept into the stock of the Zurbrueggen home improvement store in the city of Bielefeld – which remains a base for the British army in Germany to this day.

The Hitler decoration on the mugs – which were made in China – came in the form of an old 30 pfennig stamp with a swastika postmark over it.

It is not immediately obvious what is depicted on the stamp, although Hitler is unmistakable under closer scrutiny.